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Precision Planting vSet 2 Housing with vDrive installed 768730

Precision Planting vSet 2 Housing with vDrive installed 768730

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Mechanical drive systems require costly and time-consuming maintenance. vDrive is a maintenance-free electric drive system that lets you breeze through planting without the headaches of a mechanical drive system.


Remove Complex Drive Systems

vDrive replaces the mechanical drive system, simplifying your planter.  A vDrive motor mounts to each vSet meter and makes that row a single row planter because that row is controlled individually.


Save Seed With Row Shut Off

vDrive allows the seed and insecticide meter to turn off at a boundary or where you have already planted, making sure that you don't overspend on inputs.  


Get Population Right on Curves

When you plant around a curve with a typical drive system, the population on each row varies because all meters turn at the same speed while the inside row units of the planter travel slower and the outside faster, resulting in a large variation in population

With vDrive on your planter, each meter turns the speed that matches the speed of that row unit, so the plant population is correct on each row of the planter.  Gone is the yield loss from wide population variances.

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