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Ag Leader Sureforce Hydrualic Downforce

Ag Leader Sureforce Hydrualic Downforce

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 Maintain Consistent Depth Even In Varying Field Conditions

Ag Leader SureForce automatically adjusts weight on the planter to maintain consistent depth no matter the field conditions:

  • Varying soil types
  • Compaction from vehicle tracks
  • Variable weight on the planter
  • No-Till conditions
  • Heavy residue
  • Light soils
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  • Hydraulic Down Force Now Available for Spring Planting
  • Instantly Apply Force or Remove it
Hydraulic Down Force
  • Apply added weight to the row unit to plant at depth (ex. no-till)
Hydraulic Uplift
  • Remove weight from the row unit to plant at depth when too heavy (ex. lighter soils)
Turn it on and Plant
  • Let InCommand and Sureforce do the work for you! Easy system settings without complicated math or margin calculations.
  • No guessing
  • There's no guessing what's happening when you can see row level detail, right on your display. That's the power of InCommand!


The Stats

  • Gauge wheel sensor on every row to give accurate reading for gauge wheel load recorded and down force or uplift applied
  • Weight on the gauge wheels of every row is sensed 200 times per second, and force is automatically adjusted up or down to maintain consistent depth in varying field conditions.
  • Individual row control for just about any make, model or size planter from 1 – 36 rows - including interplants.

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